Tuesday, February 26, 2013

All the BENEFITs

I won't lie to you, although I'm very aware of how important a good face cleaning routine is, I'm possibly the worst person in the world for it. I 'compensate' for it by covering my sins with tonnes of makeup the next morning.

This year, I try to look after my skin a little better and I decided to wear less makeup and use products that allow that.

Arnotts sell Benefit make up and The POREfessional by Benefit was my first choice. My skin seems to change a lot (oily, dry - I have it all) and what bothers me most about it is the spots and marks that they leave which can be visible even under a heavy foundation. I effectively use these almost throughout the year and my skin is only getting worse...

First impressions of the product? The texture is absolutely amazing and it makes your face feel great. I used it as a primer, under makeup, to even out my skin. I also tried lightweight foundation on top of it, instead of a usual heavy stuff and I was delighted to see that it looked really well! It helps makeup stay on for longer as well, which I noticed already although I will be putting it through a real test tomorrow - after a full day in work and an evening out.
As opposed to primers I have used previously (definitely not cheap, Sephora's being the worst), this one doesn't turn into sticky stuff on your face or crumble.

Another Benefit cosmetic on my fave list (pretty packaging, as always, welcome too).

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