Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mrs Darcy

I doubt the name of the small Irish label Darcy is based on the Jane Austen's characters but I still like to think that there's some of their romance behind it... There certainly is in my new dress!

The uniqueness of something I buy always appeals to me and the fact that this small company is based in Wexford (I can literally drive there) and produces 6 collections per year of only about 25 pieces each, makes me feel, well, special! What drew my attention to this dress was definitely the print and again, there's an interesting story behind it... Designed by an Irish artist, Stephen Byrne it is only available at Darcy.

Do clothes get any better than this?! I love the story behind the brand, the dress and I hope you will fall for it too :) As it's a very bold print, I kept the accessories to a minimum to let the dress do the talking and used only 1 stronger accent - the studded headband - to toughen it up a little bit.

Dress - Darcy

It's in the detail...

Belt - Darcy (comes with the dress)
Clutch bag -
Shoes - Office
Ring - oldie, I can't recall 
Headband - Topshop



  1. Love Pride and Prejudice, my favourite book ever :) I love this dress on you, definitely going to investigate this label further!
    Ash x

    1. Check them out, you'll be surprised! x

  2. Anonymous13/5/13

    You look really pretty - bag is fantastic ;-))

  3. Its such a lovely outfit,the colors go so well together with the accessories...

  4. Such a cute look dear!
    Cool blog! Following you on Bloglovin, hope you'll follow me back! <3

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