Thursday, August 22, 2013

Little Miss Sunshine

This summer was a bit of a turning point for me. I finally understood what people see in sunglasses (metaphorically..).

I always had several pairs of sunnies at any given time but I never cared for them much. I also rarely had them with me which is why they never got much wear.

This year, I made a conscious note to myself to ensure that a pair of sunnies is always available in my bag. I ended up using the glasses times more than I would ever expect! Dublin is a much sunnier place than I thought ;)

I also bought a few pairs in styles that I wouldn't previously go for and realised what an amazing accessory I've been missing out on!

Since I finally 'get' the sunglasses and get enough use out of them, I started considering a purchase of a proper pair. I always thought designer sunnies are a complete waste of money but I may need to revisit that opinion...

Here're a few pairs in 4 different styles that I'm currently considering, any thoughts?

Aviator style:

Jimmy Choo at Optical Express

Thick frame:
Illesteva at Net-a-porter


Cat eye:

Bvlgari at Optical Express


Marc Jacobs at Asos

Down to the T

Everyone has better and worse days; when your hair goes every possible way but the right way or you can't see yourself getting into the pretty dress you planned on wearing today.I have a safety net of an outfit that I know works on those days. An oversized but flattering top, a pair of extremely comfortable boyfriend jeans, a pair of round sunglasses and strappy heels.

You could say I have this look down to the t ;)

Jeans - New Look

It's in the details..

Bag - Zara
Bracelets -
Gold ring - Chupi @ Coldlilies
Silver ring - Topshop
Heels - Dunnes Stores
Sunglasses - New Look

Sunday, August 18, 2013

The investment piece

Coats & jackets are huge for Autumn/Winter (for obvious reasons) but this year designers really pushed the boundaries and created some seriously covetable items.
I personally look at coats as investment pieces and I either spend more & pick a classic one (which will last for yonkies) or spend very little and go for a trendy piece (which will be totally unsuitable next season).

The last classic coat I got has recently been 'refurbished'. My friend has replaced the lining for me (don't worry, she's a pro!) so it's ready to go in 2013 again. I am getting a bit weary of it though and since I know it will easily last another few winters I am considering another classic purchase this year.

Here are a few options I'm considering, any thought? What are your coat habits? :)

Wool coat @ Bon Prix

Hooded wool coat @ Zara

Waterfall coat @ River Island

Collar zip coat @ Warehouse

I know this is not necessarily a classic but really lusting after this jacket @ Bon Prix!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Russian roulette

I have fallen for the style of the Russian girls about 2 years ago. You might remember I previously blogged about Miroslava Duma (HERE) as my style icon and I have followed the fascinating evolution of the Russian fashion pack. These girls know fashion. They rock couture as day wear and have designers falling at their feet. What caught my attention though was the way they often introduce traditional Russian garments into their outfits. The influence of their heritage and tradition is often unexpectedly mixed with European designer garments.

I have found myself embarrassed for straying away from my own heritage and background. I am all in for Irish design, promoting anything that comes from the emerald island and I rarely consider referring my childhood & teenagehood in Poland. I believe that my sense of fashion and style has developed in my late teens and early 20s when I was already in Dublin but I can't help but wonder if my grandma's colorful scarfs tied under her chin really had nothing to do with my love for printed trousers, blazers and shirts ...

The Russian pack brought back some memories and a long forgotten love of Eastern prints and styles.

I am delighted to see that these styles have now filtered down to the high street all over Europe and I am seriously excited about New Look's Babushka collection. Mohair jumpers, furry bags, textures and prints... no risk of fashion suicide!

New Look has released some seriously fun videos of their new collection as well, I love the accessory one below!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Slouchy Sunday

Weekend-wear when running errands, dropping into town for a meal and maybe popping in to see family/friends can actually be quite tricky. After a week at work spent in dresses/ skinny pants + blouses and heels, I always want to wear something comfy at the weekend. I'm not a tracksuit kinda gal though and here's one of my solutions for a casual, comfy but also a cool outfit.

First of all, an oversized jumper. Necessary in every Irish wardrobe (you can wear it all year long). This one here by A Postcard from Brighton is my new favorite, it got a stamp of approval even from my boy (trust me, that says something...). The idea behind their clothes is that it's a 24 hour collection; you can dress them up or down, sleep in them or wear around the house. They provide the comfort that I need so badly at weekends!
Once your top is oversized keep the bottom either skinny or bear (balance, balance, balance...). Boots recommended for both comfort and added height factors. A statement necklace adds a little bit of glam to this casual outfit.

I'm ready for a busy Sunday, are you?

Skirt - Zara

It's in the details...

Leather bag - bought on
Boots - Zara
Necklace - Penneys
Silver ring - Topshop
Gold ring - Chupi @ Coldlilies
Sunglasses - River Island

Thursday, August 8, 2013

'You're just too good to be true...'

'Can't take my eyes off of you
You'd be like heaven to touch
I wanna hold you so much...'

I practically sang out loud at Heatons Autumn Winter preview. I know clothes can get me excited (probably too much too often) but the items on display were rather fab and I, well, I just wanted to hold them (and introduce them to my wardrobe, they would make BFFs). 

I rarely considered Heatons as a shopping destination before. Mistake.
They stock the most practical, affordable AND chic office clothes I've seen in a while. Lots of the pieces the buyer presented were perfect for day to night outfits and very easy to mix and match. They were very on trend but without being too fashionable and too out there. Really ideal for work and I will definitely head to Heatons for some 9-to-5 shopping in October!

A couple of lookbook photos and my own snaps from the preview for your enjoyment below.

Dress €20

Shirt €15, jumper €15, dress €25, heels €20

Dress €18, courts €18, jacket € 35

It's in the detail...

Snap snap snap :)

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