Thursday, August 22, 2013

Down to the T

Everyone has better and worse days; when your hair goes every possible way but the right way or you can't see yourself getting into the pretty dress you planned on wearing today.I have a safety net of an outfit that I know works on those days. An oversized but flattering top, a pair of extremely comfortable boyfriend jeans, a pair of round sunglasses and strappy heels.

You could say I have this look down to the t ;)

Jeans - New Look

It's in the details..

Bag - Zara
Bracelets -
Gold ring - Chupi @ Coldlilies
Silver ring - Topshop
Heels - Dunnes Stores
Sunglasses - New Look


  1. It's perfect. Cept I couldn't wear heels on one of those days.

  2. Love those jeans and the cute purse

  3. Love this outfit - laid back but still classy. The Zara bag is amazing, you look fab!

  4. Those shades are so fun! Especially with the yellow clutch xo

  5. those jeans, wow ! love them <3 gorgeous look :)

  6. that outfit is so fierce!! love the yellow bag :))
    I'm a new fan!! following you now via gfc, hope you could check out my site and do the same dear ♥ ♥ :))


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