Friday, September 27, 2013

The little gem...

I have a weakness for pretty, sparkly things but I honestly think it's one of a few elements that make a woman. I disagree with what many people believe to be women's best friends (maybe I'm just not there yet) but I certainly understand a love for accessories.
I don't want to lie to you but I'm confident that I have at least 40 necklaces and 60 rings. I also regularly buy more but there are a few treasured items I keep in their boxes and ensure that they're looked after.

I believe if you're reading this post you're most likely quiet similar.

I have SOME news for you darling... TK Maxx launched a dedicated jewellery counter exclusively in Blanchardstown! Offering a wide variety of brands, styles, anything from on-trend, through to costume jewellery and right to high end (those treasured, boxed) gems, I couldn't get enough of it.

This is not only the best place to spoil yourself,  it's a gift solution for pretty much everyone in your family or friends! The prices are amazing and will suit every pocket.

I couldn't stop snapping the gorge pieces so below is a mix of the look book shots and my own faves from the launch.

Black bangle (€9.99 vs RRP €40), crystal bangle (€16.99); Green bead & star bracelet (€26.99 vs. RRP €39.99)

Necklace (€39.99 vs RRP: €90) 


  1. Those are some really lovely accessories!

  2. love accessories with lovely models.

    Best Regards


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