Sunday, October 27, 2013

Irish knits

Most Irish people have a serious fear of Aran jumpers. Memories of childhood blurred by itchiness and discomfort put them off for many years.
There's a great story and tradition behind Irish knitwear though and I have absolutely fallen for them recently (you can learn more about it HERE). Since knitwear is huge this season and even Chanel is embracing the Scottish checks and knits, not too dissimilar to the Irish ones, I thought this is the best time to get some jumpers.
There are many different stitch patterns and the type of pattern usually dictates the style and the look of the jumper. Although many jumpers have varied stitching throughout (this is actually one of the details of the design of the Aran jumpers), cable stitch is my fave.
I think it's actually the most flattering one and in this woolly beige, it looks traditional but simple and it is easy to put together with many different things.

Most people think Irish jumpers can only be worn with jeans and look very casual but I think they can be easily dressed up or down, depending on how you style it.

To prove my point I put my jumper together with a textured skater skirt which looks a little bit like leather. Boots made of  suede and leather and a small bag complete the outfit. Not for a night out but surely a serious step up from jeans and hiking boots (which is what most seem to go for). It's a very comfy, warm and chic look that I am hoping to work a lot this autumn/winter.

 Skirt - New Look

It's in the details..

Rings - River Island
Boots - Zara
Bag - Aldo

For some lovely Celtic-style presents, check out Irish Christmas Gifts  


  1. Great look! The skirt is awesome!! ;)


  2. Great blog and style, dear! Do you want to follow each other? Just let me know! If you get a second, I'd love to hear your thoughts about my latest post :)

    -Mademoiselle S.

  3. you look so great!

  4. love this outfit, the jumper looks so cosy and comfy <3 and you look gorgeous dear :)


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