Monday, October 21, 2013

My closet

Every few months I put a date in the diary to de-clutter my wardrobe. After that, an application with the Dublin Flea Market is filed and if I'm lucky, I get to trade for a day trying to shift the stuff I don't wear enough anymore.
The most common question I'm asked when selling my wares? I wish it was something like: are you a fashion writer? where do you get such amazing clothes?
The real question is: how big is your wardrobe?
Based on the amount of stuff I'm getting rid of, shoppers often wonder where and how do I store the stuff I'm actually keeping.
I never thought it's a lot but on the other hand, I've put in quite a lot of work into my wardrobe space so I decided to share it with you. The photos are a little outdated (it's ever-evolving) but it gives you an idea.

It's not fancy, the most important thing: it's practical. If you're considering a walk-in-wardrobe, bear in mind:

  • Doors not allowed. The whole idea is that you can see your stuff. Once it's at the back / behind a door you don't see /wear it.
  • The above does not apply to underwear. This is your space but keep your undies in drawers. Best for everyone.
  • You can break it up as suits but what I found works is:
    • Workwear tops section: from short sleeve, through long sleeve to blazers
    • Casual tops section: from short sleeve, through long sleeve to jumpers/cardigans
    • Workwear bottoms section
    • Dresses & skirts section
    • Outerwear section
    • Get an organiser for scarves and hang it on the door
    • Keep your bags lined up so you can see them
    • Hang up your necklaces - keeps them in shape and visible


  1. i am trying to convince my husband to convert one of the rooms in the house for a closet for me... ;) Looks absolutely amazing and so well organized!

    1. totally worth it! work on it ;)

  2. Nice shoe collection :)

  3. I wish I had a nice walk in closet as yours!

    1. years of hard work ;) it's only as long as I'm renting here too but enjoying while I can!

  4. yupp , a week ago! I got it on sale for only 12 euro :)

    1. oh no must check out dunnes! thx xx

  5. It's sooooo tidy! I would do anything for a walk-in that big, I really need it :(
    Lucy X


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