Sunday, October 6, 2013

RI Christmas preview

I know it's not even Halloween yet but since I booked Christmas party at work, Christmas outfit have been on my mind.
2 years ago I made a mistake of buying a lot of very seasonal items which I then kept of postponing on wearing. I hardly got to wear 1 thing and before I knew it was January and I couldn't use them anymore!
Last year I decided to stay away from shops before Christmas based on the previous year's experience but then a few times I struggled with what to wear.
This year I plan to be organised. I will buy items that are suitable for Christmas without being overly seasonal so that I can still get a wear out of them early in New Year.
River Island has some great options this year; some are already in stores and the rest is coming in this month.
Check out my picks.

The coats - both of the above are very classic but with a little nod to current trends: shearling & jewels. If you're looking for colour - pastel pink is a necessity.  

These might both be black but with right accessories & shoes (see below) these pieces will make you stand out (for all the right reasons). 

Skirts are a must this season and these 3 are my faves - they will easily get you through the season (and beyond).  

 In case you thought I'm being safe, check out the shoes and accessories I picked:

 All clothing, shoes and accessories by River Island AW'13

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