Thursday, November 7, 2013

Oversized love

I have to admit I am extremely excited about this post.
In case you got your hopes up - I've no big news to break: no weddings, pregnancies or break ups to announce.

I'm excited because this look is SO me.

With certain expectations from readers and the fact that my blog is openly available to anyone I work with or used to be friends with or maybe bumped into before but don't really know, I often find that it's hard to stay true to my own style. After all, we all try to live up to expectations and images of us that other people have created. It's probably not a nice way to put it but I feel that it's true. I may have my own take on a certain trend or look but most of the time, they reflect what most people wear and want to see on a fashion blog at this particular time.

There are outfits though that I love, clothes that make me smile just when I throw them over my shoulders and feel the familiar fabric. They bring a certain level of comfort and happiness to me. They are also the clothes that my friends define as 'I wouldn't wear that but it's so you' and my boy just rolls his eyes.

This is one such outfit. It defines everything I love about oversized coats, vintage skirts, sexy little tops, fringed boots and clutch bags. This feels right & even if it looks mental to you, I could dance my life away wearing these clothes.

Coat - Oxfam
Skirt - Dublin Flea Market
Top - Penneys

It's in the details...

Boots - Zara
Clutch - Oasis
Ring - River Island


  1. I love your outfit xx

  2. Looks great.. The coat is lovely, can't believe you fished it out in Oxfam! Love wearing an outfit that feels 'so me' :) Best feeling!
    Lucy X
    Short Girl, High Heels

    1. couldn't agree more! got another coat in Oxfam since... even bigger than this :D x

  3. I loooooove that coat! the outfit looks so cool

    1. thanks Dora, really love wearing it.,.. :)


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