Sunday, March 23, 2014

Inspired by Mum

After my last post on Oxfam's Heroes campaign I was thinking about my own personal heroes and quite obviously, my mum was on my mind. With Mother's day coming up as well I thought I will put together a look that reminds me of her. Crazy? Yeah probably a little. I believe that families have massive influence on our sense of style and although I'm pretty sure not many would say mine is similar to my mother's, I personally see her influence (the older I get the more I see it actually).
The most obvious for me is the skirt. All my life, I've never seen my mum in a short skirt. She simply doesn't go any shorter than past the knee / calf length and I've never been huge into mini skirts myself. You're much more likely to see sporting that safe, tad granny-like length. I totally blame her for that.

So here we go, skirt and pink lipstick, inspired by my mum..

Skirt -
Jumper - COS
Heels - Zara

It's in the details..

Bag - Bimba & Lola
Necklace - H&M

There's one thing that I feel is missing in this outfit and would really compliment it. The perfect biker jacket. I'm still on the look out for one, currently lusting after the options below:

Quilted leather biker jacket

Ziggy Leather Biker

The leather biker jacket

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