Sunday, June 29, 2014


There are brands and items that I instantly get hooked on. I'm never sure what initially attracts me to them, looking at some of these items now I believe that they tend to be quite simple and classic. As a result they work well with a lot of different things, for many occasions and usually for a long time.

This outfit is made of a selection of such items. First of all the boohoo dress. I am rather addicted to boohoo and their affordable fashion. Dresses with a dropped waist are my absolute fix and this black number has been worn an endless number of times this summer.
The pearl necklace is another favorite, no longer reserved for winter time, I learned to wear pearly jewellery all year long.
I'm still waiting for Bimba and Lola to open a store in Dublin (along with & Other Stories!) but for now I'm cherishing my first ever online purchase from this super cool Spanish brand - the bowler bag. Pattern with diamonds? An instant classic in my books.

Last but not least the New Look sandals. Part flatform, part uglies, these probably don't fit in with the 'simple and classic' description but they make the whole outfit very relevant, less good girl, more cool girl!


Dress -

It's in the details...

Necklace - Penneys
Shoes - New Look

Monday, June 23, 2014

The Style Exchange

I've been toying with an idea of a swap party for a while. I was a little bit lost re: how to make it work so I kept on putting it off. Until I came across the Galaxy Style Exchange. Not only did I find a guide on how to host the party, they also offered some goodies to support it! Obviously, I couldn't turn chocolate down.

I won't go into all details on how to host a party, you can find them HERE. My only advice is, and it's something that I was very concerned about, ensure that everyone is aware that they may not return with the exact same number of clothes that they brought. When their clothes are gone, they're gone! I was lucky that my friends seemed ok with it and they all left delighted with their swaps + we made a local charity shop very happy indeed! (leftovers;)

What I found really entertaining about hosting the party was collecting clothes from the girls and recognising their different styles. It was so obvious that A. had everything printed, J. was all about pencil skirts and N. elegant tops. Seeing all these different styles made me rather worried about how they're gonna get on at the party. So like any good host, I stocked up on drink and made a lot of food (in case anyone needed to drown/eat their sorrow for not being able to find anything they like ;).

So what happened at the party? Ladies magically managed to fish out their own look out of the mix of contradictory styles! It was so much fun seeing this happen and also getting some really cool pieces for myself! Shopping without spending any money? Hell yeah!

Here're some snaps from the party


My fave 'swap' :)

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Back to basics

Retro runners are a huge trend right now and are often the footwear of choice with the fashion crowd. They can be seen at every fashion show, press event, snapped away by fashion photographers. Are they relevant in our (regular mortals) wardrobes though?

I have been loving this trend and I think we all need a pair of retro runners in our lives! If they're suede and colorful, even better. Which is why I'm indulging in red & blue PUMA Suedes right now. I know a lot of my friends would look quizzically at them wondering what to wear them with. The answer is really simple. Pretty much with everything!

They're a great way of toning down a dressy outfit (be it a tulle dress, a mini skirt or an embroidered jacket) and because they're flat, you can be a little bit more adventurous with your hem line ;)
I paired mine with a high-waisted mini skirt and a cropped top. An outfit that would not look suitable for a day time in a city if worn with a pair of heels (unless you really like a lot of attention). The PUMA Suedes make this look really fun and inject some colour into it.

Top & Skirt - H&M

It's in the details...

 Bag - Zara
Runners - PUMA Suede
Midi rings (present) - River Island

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Glowsticks & granola

Have you heard of the morning rave phenomenon yet?! It's been a year since Gloryville launched it's first one in London and Dublin is now following suit!
The first morning rave in Dublin was a private event held by Thinkhouse and sponsored by Sure. The brand's most recent 'Do more' campaign encourages people to make the most of their summer and this (in my humble opinion) is the way to go! The morning started with mimosas, followed by a dance class (some workout!) and a tasty brekkie.

Fun to say the least, I totally felt like I deserved the croissant after all the dancing!

Brilliant idea, try it when you get a chance!

 Check out those moves ;)

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Behind the stripes

I'm not sure whether it's the return of one my favorite tv programs ever (#OITNB all the way) but this outfit definitely makes me think of a life behind bars. Not that it's prison - worthy. The look was definitely more inspired by SS catwalks and endless amount of striped items on the high street than Ms Chapman. I dare say it would suit her better than the orange 'jumpsuit', considering her complexion, hair colour and so on...

My general rule when it comes to horizontal stripes is simple. Stay Away.

Since I decided to give them a go, I thought I might as well go all out. We all know of the fattening results of wearing horizontal stripes and the elongating effect of vertical stripes. So what do you get when you combine the two? A bit of a behind the bars/Anna K look. Throwing in a pair of fab Boohoo heels was a no-brainer for me.

Unconventional but somehow it works. For now. Move over Chapman.

Top & pants - Zara

It's in the details...

 Bag - Zara
Heels - Boohoo (now on sale!)
Sunglasses - H&M

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Winter fashion is looking hot

with Littlewoods Ireland!
I dropped in for a fashion show of their AW'14 collection and considering the howling weather that day, I really felt like picking up a coat or two!
Littlewoods Ireland pleased with a great coat selection for every taste: parkas, oversized, fitted, elegant, casual, with furry colar, cape and so on.
I picked a few looks from the lookbook and these items really stood out for me.

What do you think?

Red, cosy and stylish - do I need to say more? 
Oversized roll neck jumper € 23

Blanket coat - hello?! I feel like I might have invented it myself! Love the idea, shape and of course, the check! As per the shirt, you can't say no to a perfectly classic denim shirt.
Blanket Coat € 83, Washed denim shirt € 26

I promised I would buy myself a pink coat last year. I'm yet to get one and happy to see the trend continues. I might fulfill my promise with this beaut. 
Boudoir Blush Coat € 96

If you're still after more summery options, their coordinates really took my fancy. There are a few different styles and prints so pick your own HERE

Note: the AW'14 range will hit the site on 17th of July.

Happy shopping


Monday, June 2, 2014

Off the shoulder & Vika

It felt as if my biggest fashion dreams have materialised when Vika Gazinskaya and & Other Stories joined forces to bring us a collection of very 'Gazinskaya' pieces at very affordable prices. As expected, it was absolutely stunning and somehow I managed to get my hands on the dress I anticipated most.

This perfect summer dress came handy last Saturday when Dubliners finally felt like summer has not forgotten about us just yet! This is a stunning piece for a day in the garden, a summer party or even a summer wedding (looks great with a belt, sparkly heels and big earrings).

Off the shoulder dresses are big this season and you should give them a go! After all, no matter what size, this is known to be the best area for every lady to show off so go on, get that chip off your shoulder and show us what you got ;)

I couldn't help myself from twirling so forgive the amount of movement in these shots.

If you're wondering where I got my colour from, I'll be honest, I have not been holidaying but brushing up on my fake tan knowledge. This here is the new NKDSKN range from Vita Liberata. It's just launched and I'm hooked! Check it out HERE if you're into the sun kissed look.

Sandals - Penneys

It's in the details...

Sunglasses - vintage
Rings - Penneys
Bag - LaCambra 
(this bag has got so much wear, it never lets me down!)

Look who's joined me for a few shots, remember Molly? a 'bit' bigger but still as cute ;) 

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