Sunday, September 21, 2014

I got it from my mama

Sorry if you found the title misleading but I'm actually referring to the trousers, which quite literally come from my mum. I still can't believe that they used to be hers. The reasons probably shouldn't be shared but here we go:

1. When did my mum ever wear light coloured, wide pants?
2. When did she fit into them?
3. Is it wrong that it worries me that they fit me?!

To keep myself sane, I'm putting it down to trends. I'm pretty sure these used to be worn fitted and rather high waisted - quite the opposite to my styling. 

I enjoy challenging the dinner attire for time to time and when I am most expected to wear a dress, I will probably turn up in trousers. I'll be keeping this outfit in mind for exactly that sort of occasion. 

Trousers - vintage, from my mama!
Top - Zara
Heels - Kurt Geiger

Bag - Oasis
Pearls - Appleby


  1. Anonymous21/9/14

    Lovely outfit! Love the pants, so chic!

    1. thanks Mel, nothing like mum's pants ;)

  2. Lovely trousers!

  3. Love this look!
    It's so smart.


    1. thanks Serena, I use it so much! x

  4. These trousers are phenomenal on you Anna, the only thing better than a great vintage piece is when its handed down from family... I only managed to nab a few things from my mom over the years but they are definitely extra-special to me. Plus, you get styling advice from the original owner... not that you will probably take it! <3

    1. I rob something off her every now and then ;) but this is one of my faves so far. Thanks Sarah x


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