Sunday, September 7, 2014


With newsagents' shelves slowly filling up with October issues, I thought it's about time I share one of my favorite editorials from the September stand.
It's rare that I read magazines online. However, since I'm making an effort to be more efficient and get a better work\life\blog balance, I've been a little bit more reliant on my tablet.
I've learnt that you can find inspiration so much easier if you've access to magazines at all times and after all, the content is the same, whatever the form! Don't get me wrong, I'm not giving up on my monthly glossies (oh the smell and the weight of a brand new magazine, there's something very special about it). I have to admit though, I have been rather loving Zinio. By far the best magazine app I am yet to discover.

To the point so, here is some autumnal inspiration, straight from Elle US Sept'14. So Gucci, So good...

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  1. Hi dear! I have found your blog on IFB and I asked your friendship. I'm agree with you: I will never stop buying the magazines in paper form. Kisses,


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