Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Travel mode

I really enjoyed taking the pics around pretty Bratislava and somehow I even managed to convince my boy to take a few shots of my outfit. It is not super-exciting. It is very much practical and it's the kind of outfit I tend to go for when away. As they say: if it's not broken, don't fix it... We all need to go with the reliable option sometimes.

A simple black or trench coat works for both day and night. The same applies to skinny jeans. I swapped the New Balance runners (the comfiest thing ever) for heeled boots for the night and I was pretty much ready! This snood is one of the fave items in my wardrobe, I happily go back to it every autumn which is not a common scenario!

Last but not least, as delighted as I am that Ryanair finally allows a handbag on a plane, I am one of those terrible people who pick up the biggest bag they have... in case they've done some shopping over the weekend. Sorry (not sorry) fellow passengers. I totally needed it to carry all the books & magazines around though!


Coat - Religion
Jeans - Zara
Runners - New Balance
Bag - Forever21

It's in the details...

Snood - H&M
Rings - Claddagh right & my mom's engagement ring

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

City trip: Bratislava

I love weekend breaks away and I usually follow a simple rule in picking a destination: cheapest flights on Ryanair available. It works most of the time.

This is exactly how I ended up booking a weekend break in Bratislava. I was told to expect a scene from Eurotrip so imagine my surprise and delight to find this instead...

Stunning, picturesque, cobble-stoned Old Town 

Funky, comfortable, full of odd seats cafes which looked as if transported directly from London serving a range of interesting sandwiches, single origin coffees and local beers (photo: Urban Space, highly recommended)

Lots of hipster cafes / restaurants serving great traditional local food (Zylinder was my fave), pancakes & unusual teas (funki punki) & healthy grub (Foxford)

Creative area full of interesting people trying to promote local fashion & support a charitable cause while they're at it

Was I impressed? Yes
Would I go back? Yes! 

Not for party-lovers, this is a quiet city when it comes to a European capital (from what I've seen) but it's the most unexpected mix of old, new, Western and Eastern which I absolutely loved and enjoyed in my own way.. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Trend test

I sometimes flick through magazine pages amazed with some of the trends being featured. Who and why would ever want to wear that?! On the other hand, some of my nearest & dearest consider my wardrobe quite 'out there' and only the other day I had a chat with my boy who confirmed that he no longer pays any attention to the weird clothes I wear (honesty is the foundation of a good relationship;). So as a general rule, I wouldn't judge a person/ outfit / trend until I actually try and understand it myself. 

I decided that testing some of these may actually be fun. After all, if they don't work, you get to laugh at me! Being a comedian was never in my plans but hey whatever makes you dear reader happy!

Here it is so, a trend test of Miu Miu's look below. 
The concept? A jumper / roll neck worn under a strappy, rather summery, potentially metallic dress. 
The hope? wearing summer dresses in winter! if this works, we'll all suddenly double up our winter wardrobes... 

Miu Miu AW'14

Ready, steady, go Anna ;) 

Jumper - Zara
Dress - Boohoo
Boots - & Other Stories

I am dying to hear your opinions but here are my few thoughts: 
  • I look rather pregnant which I'm not 
  • It's a comfy & warm outfit
  • The jumper under the dress definitely makes me look bigger
  • Perhaps if the dress was less floaty? although then you could potentially see the think jumper underneath... 
  • Not sure I'm convinced but looking forward to your views!  

Sunday, October 19, 2014

I slept with Anja

I love discovering new brands and after my recent trip to Warsaw, I am doing a bit of a trial run of some Polish designers and brands. So far so good!

This t-shirt if from She's a riot - love the funky brand name, the slogan on the tee is cool (I slept with Anja) and the quality is top-notch. I am already looking at some more tees from these guys..

Overall this is an extremely comfy ensemble. I am absolutely loving the New Balance runners and pairing them with a vintage coat may sound like a crazy idea but it's so fun! This is a rather man-repelling type of look but oh-so good, try it on...

Jeans - River Island 
T-shirt - She's a riot 
Coat - vintage (thrifted)
Runners - New Balance 
Bag - Forever21 
(all links direct to the items, happy shopping)

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fashion innovation

I admire people who go after what they want and especially those with an innovative idea. I always try to support them so when Chris & Gill contacted me asking whether I would like to try out their new product I agreed to give it a go.

Was I skeptical? Yes. I liked the story on how the product came about (Gill was trying to upgrade her shoes for a wedding with some lace which Chris printed out for her) as I personally did something similar before. I was concerned though how it will actually look on the shoes and as much as I like accessories, shoes accessory sounded a bit out there.

My work heels get wrecked very quickly as I often kick them off the chair under the desk so I  thought it would be a great place to start. I have a particular pair of LK Bennett's which I really like but the heels started to look really scruffy.

I used the tattooes that Chris sent me and voila, see for yourself my shoe transformation below!
Delighted with the result using Tat2shoes


Tat2shoe is action ;) 

Easy peasy... 

Tattooed vs scuffed! 

Fab final result!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Dunnes Stores AW'14

For the first time in 6 years Dunnes Stores hosted a fashion show to launch their new collection. Not just a fashion show. They have transformed their Georges Street store into an enchanted forest with fabulous models swishing down the isle to Kate Bush tunes. Personally all I missed was a unicorn! (Joke).

They had a good reason to splash out though. This was by far the most stylish, fashion-forward without being too trendy collection I have ever seen on their floor. There were furry collars which were sort of compulsory this season with every high street store launching their own version (Dunnes' is cobalt blue-love!). There was a Burberry-inspired cape which got all the iphones snapping and there was a lot of great knitwear.

I find Dunnes is for many of us a go-to spot for some working wardrobe essentials such as simple dresses, shirts and skirts. There was a lot of that on show too, all styled to perfection.

Well done to Dunnes for putting such great collection and event together.


Shawl € 25, polo neck € 30, legging € 30
Coat € 199, dress € 119, snood € 39, brogue € 99

Coat € 119, polo jumper € 49, skirt € 79, bag € 49, brogue € 109

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

9-5 #I mean business

I am not sure this outfit post is the message I meant for today but here we are. It's been 5 years since my first post. I find it rather hard to believe that this tiny page which I started to keep myself sane while out of work has lasted that long. 5 years! Of course I had to go back in time on this occasion and revisit my first post. Ouch! I was tempted to rewrite it but hey, at least I can see that my writing has improved!

I have been rather sentimental the last few days and dwelling on this (quite important) date. My super-critical ego has had a party highlighting all the things other bloggers achieve and I haven't. Thanks to my boy (as always) I tried to focus on the positive.

Like I just said the blog was started to keep me focused during a difficult time for me. Although I told my nearest & dearest, I didn't share the address or content of it for a long time. I can't recall what made me change my mind & show it to the world but I did. I have since attended many amazing fashion events & press previews, got to meet some amazing people (interview with Natalie B Coleman probably being my personal highlight), learned a thing or two about social media, SEO & photography (on a tripod!). I am way older than many bloggers are and I have a full time job (well not at the start obviously but fortunately since about 4 months later!). It's not just a 9-5 role either, it's a demanding, senior management role which I have worked hard for. It is very much my focus as I am passionate about what I do and it often makes blogging simply impossible.

If you've been with me on this journey since the start, thank you and I hope you enjoyed it. I have no plans for this page which for an over-thinker like me is unsettling and raises a lot of questions but for now, let's just enjoy some more fashion!

9-5 dressing seems so much easier since COS opened on Wicklow Street...


Dress - COS
Heels - Reiss
Bag - Michael Kors
Initial necklace - Chupi

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