Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fashion innovation

I admire people who go after what they want and especially those with an innovative idea. I always try to support them so when Chris & Gill contacted me asking whether I would like to try out their new product I agreed to give it a go.

Was I skeptical? Yes. I liked the story on how the product came about (Gill was trying to upgrade her shoes for a wedding with some lace which Chris printed out for her) as I personally did something similar before. I was concerned though how it will actually look on the shoes and as much as I like accessories, shoes accessory sounded a bit out there.

My work heels get wrecked very quickly as I often kick them off the chair under the desk so I  thought it would be a great place to start. I have a particular pair of LK Bennett's which I really like but the heels started to look really scruffy.

I used the tattooes that Chris sent me and voila, see for yourself my shoe transformation below!
Delighted with the result using Tat2shoes


Tat2shoe is action ;) 

Easy peasy... 

Tattooed vs scuffed! 

Fab final result!


  1. Really cool idea!! Turned out great.
    Martina xx

  2. That looks so cool! Love the idea! x

    Alex | PinkElephantBlog


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