Tuesday, November 4, 2014

9-5 #Maxi sleeve

I am quite reliant on dresses when it comes to my daily 9 - 5 outfits. It's obvious to me that it's the easiest choice (no need to match, tuck in or out, no decisions to be made at 6am). I am often surprised how many women rely on separates for work assuming it's the simple solution.

Dress shopping can be a struggle for many which may justify the above. A few things that I always keep in mind when getting a dress for work:
  • Comfortable - this is so important. If like me you're conscious of your stomach area and go from feeling like a superstar to a balloon as quickly as munching through a banana, this is one of the key factors. 
  • Long enough - I often fall short on this one (see what I did here?! ;). There's nothing worse than pulling at your hemline for half a day. You may wish it works but it doesn't and no pair of  opaques will replace a few inches that are missing. 
  • Colour - do keep it simple. Not boring, simple. 
  • Structure - pick a dress with a bit of a structure, a detail such as a 'maxi sleeve' (love it on this one) or a fold at the front. It'll keep it interesting, modern and cool. Don't be afraid of a simple detail like that, you can carry it off! Pockets always help.
  • Spend a little bit more if you can - I am still learning to remember that. Cheap, trendy dresses don't work for work. Simple. The shape changes after 1 wash, the colour is out of season before you get to wear it twice and they're never as chic as the slightly pricier version.
  • Think outside the box - everyone in the office will go to Zara, H&M and Penneys. Investing in independent, unique brands and designers will keep you looking fashionable without trying too hard.   


Dress - Wearso 
(Polish brand using only organic cotton, worth checking out)
Heels - LK Bennett (tattooed!)
Bag - River Island


  1. Good tips Anna! I love dresses but find it hard to get ones with sleeves and pockets and which aren't too short when I sit down!

    1. thanks Emma. It's always a challenge to get a cool 9-5 dress, fingers crossed we'll have more choice soon! x

  2. Anonymous20/11/14

    I just love your style missus! This is fabarooney! Never heard of that brand but must check it out. So stylish and chic.

  3. Anonymous20/11/14

    Did you buy that somewhere in store or online? I just looked at their website and I love the Sukienka KANOKI dress, not a bad price either for €105!

    1. Thanks for being so sweet! I bought one in a boutique in Warsaw and another one online. They're organic cotton, amazing quality, really great value. Let me know if you need help with sizes xx


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