Friday, December 12, 2014


One thing that Barcelona definitely is on a warm November day is sticky. Although it was nice to leave the heavy coat in Dublin and jump back into a dress & a biker jacket, I could not control my frizzy hair and sort of melting makeup. Not the best look for outfit shots but when you get lost in pretty little lanes, admiring cute little restaurants, hidden boutiques and unusually dressed locals, you don't really mind.
Spanish have a unique sense of style. Home to some of high street's biggest brands, it often appears to me that locals prefer to shop... well, locally. Oversized tops, biker boots, leater jackets, skinny jeans and draped scarves dominate the streets. Everyone seems comfortable in their clothes, smiling widely and kissing a friend/partner/anyone (do you also find the Spanish kissing a lot?!).
Wearing heels seem so out of place there, I decided to stick to flats myself. The oversized dress provided a lot of much needed freedom and allowed for copious amounts of tapas over the weekend...

Dress - Zara
Jacket - H&M
Flats - Penneys

It's in the details...

Bag - Selected Femme
Ring (gold, right hand) - & Other Stories
Ring - (thumb, left hand) - Pandora


  1. Anonymous12/12/14

    Pretty dress


  2. Oh, I'm dying to go to Barcelona! I hate that melting make-up, I have that problem all the time. No eyebrows...........not a great look!

  3. Great dress, I like that kind of casual looks!

    Check out my blog:: :)


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