Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Sale picks & Happy Closet

January presents us with some new challenges every year and between the blues of returning to work, diet, exercise and everything else that seems like too much effort, I always struggle with my budget after an expensive Xmas shopping period. Sales don't help and as much as I try to stay away, 3 pieces from this outfit were purchased on sale this year (failed!). I picked up the top, trousers and the bag at 50% off and I'm only feeling half guilty ;)

However, last weekend made me realise how often I make mistakes when shopping. I had a 4h session with Annmarie O'Connor as part of my Happy Closet makeover. After receiving my 'diagnosis' with a lot of reference to 'impulse shopping' and 'emotional attachment', I would lie if I said to you I wasn't dreading it. Massive black bin bags were presented to me before I even finished making coffee and so I opted for a herbal tea to brace myself ;)

I am not actually sure at what stage I got comfortable or forgot the bags but I truly enjoyed the session. I couldn't get over the amount of fantastic advice Annmarie gave me from styling a vintage dress I love but couldn't really wear, through belt storage solutions to style icons I should keep in mind to inspire me and suit my style. I am still a little bit stressed about getting rid of more than half of my wardrobe (yes, I am not messing) but I look forward to better decisions and a way happier closet! If you're struggling with your bursting wardrobe & still have nothing to wear or simply need some advice this Lady should be on your speed dial ;)


Leather look trousers - Zara
Top - Zara

 It's in the detail...

Bag - DKNY
Felt ring (left hand) - by Karina Krolak
Oversized silver ring (right hand) - Fruit Bijoux
Necklace - a present 
Heels - New Look 


  1. Anonymous20/1/15

    Lovely outfit! Love the bag


    1. I haven't put it down since I got it! Really like it too

  2. You certainly sony need any style advice! You look fab here
    Martina x


    1. Thx Martina, I definitely suffer a love of prints I never wear though;) x

  3. Love the bag, there should be no guilt attached to it! Or to the other pieces, they're fab. The wardrobe purge sounds scary! x

    1. Thanks Sharon, getting lots of wear out of it!x

  4. i love this :) your blog is wonderful!


    1. thanks Mihaela, love yours too x

  5. Really nice outfit and great shoes!


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