Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Apple Juice

January juicing has either become your daily habit now or is a long forgotten resolution. I couldn't think of a better time to get this bag! Fitting in with the foodie trends and super-trendy, it may not fit your Nutribullet cup in but will surely keep you looking cool (maybe even healthy ;). 

Accessorize, € 39.90, Available now

Some Street Style featuring funky bags! 

Best Street Style Shoes and Bags at Fashion Week Spring 2015 | POPSUGAR Style & Trends Annabelle Dexter Jones // this outfit is everything

Street Style


  1. Cute, but I don't think I could carry it off!

    1. I've no doubt you could!!! goes with anything ;)

    2. Anonymous9/2/15

      I love it! I hope Zara can make something similar. Please, check my Ebay shop, baluli2007 We have beautiful garments with the best prices!

  2. this is wonderful :) i hope you're having an amazing day!



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