Sunday, March 1, 2015

Where are you spring?!

I am getting really tired of this weather. It's tough doing my best to stay positive which is not easy as being caught in the rain/wind/snow daily is no longer fun (I am sure it was at some stage before... no? well my bad).

I was delighted with a sunny start to the day since I planned to take some outfit shots. First day of March called for something a lot more vernal (or so I thought) and I was really quite happy with myself until the (not so unusual) turn of events (read: weather) led to a good few centimeters of snow. As I am typing this, the snow is almost forgotten (sun eventually found it's way back) but this was of course after I have already worked through the photos.

Did I just spend 2 paragraphs talking about the weather!? Ireland has managed to infiltrate my blood somehow! Ok, let's move on. Khaki, the subject I had in mind was khaki and how much I like it. Not sure why & when exactly I forgot about it but it always pops up here and there for summer (safari and all that). It's having quite a comeback this year with military styles as well. I am loving it and can't wait to have some tan to sport with it. As tan is probably long coming I got a khaki jacket which I paired with a much lighter (hopeful) colour palette.

Some khaki inspiration and my look below. Fingers crossed we'll be ditching the jackets soon!

Julie of Sincerely Jules (somewhat a khaki mastermind in my opinion), Arielle of Something Navy & Olivia Palermo

Blouse - Lush 
Trousers - LennonCourtney
Jacket - Zara
Heels - Gucci

It's in the details...

Bag - Zara
Necklace - H&M

Did I mention how much Molly loves the camera now?! Evidence below ;)

Street style inspiration: 


Anna K.


  1. Anonymous1/3/15

    Lovely outfit!


  2. I love your look, Anna - the little touches are gorgeous, also that jacket is to die for! Molly is a dote x (Snow here too, sickened)

  3. Love this outfit, I'm loving khaki colours at the minute!



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