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Featured in  
the Irish Times / Aug 9, 2014
Dublin Fashion Festival 2014 launch

Article for 
Let's go Magazine (Ryanair in-flight) 
/ Jul 1, 2014

Featured online by 
NKD SKN Style Spotter / Jun 10, 2014
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Featured online by 
Irish Independent / Apr, 2014
Vodafone DIT Young Designer Competition
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Featured in British Vogue's
December Street Style / Dec, 2013
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Article for 
Vernal Magazine / Dec 19, 2013

Article for 
Stylitics / Aug 28, 2013

'I’ve always thought that fashion should first and foremost be fun, and once you introduce prints into your wardrobe, that’s when the real fun begins.

Prints can be done in so many different ways — they’re no longer limited to your spring and summer or holiday wardrobe. They’re now office appropriate, and can look smart and stylish enough to be used as evening attire.'

Article for
Bord Gais Energy Book Club / Jul 10, 2013
'I fully understand that this may not be the best way to start this article but I have to be straight with you. These are not my favourite fashion books. They’re brilliant books, every one of them for a different reason and that is exactly why I chose them. However, I appreciate different books for so many different reasons. Some for amazing content, some for how enjoyable they are to read and some for the way they’re written. 
This is a selection that I hope every woman will be able to look at and pick something for herself. Just like with the clothes: one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure…'

Featured online by 
British Vogue / Jul 2, 2013
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Featured in 
Cliche Magazine / Jun, 2013
'Cliche Runway', Full version HERE

Book Review for
Bord Gais Energy Book Club / Jun 1, 2013
'I was excited to pick up The House as I longed for a good girly read for some time now. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was delighted that the book was based in Ireland. I always like being able to refer to places described in a book.
Firstly, I would like to encourage you not to read the blurb at the back. I don’t enjoy being critical of someone else’s work but it really doesn’t do much for the book which is a real page turner for anyone who likes intrigue , a bit of old-fashioned glamour, gossip and betrayal!'

As published by the Irish Independent / Feb 21, 2013
'The women who dress to repel men' 

Article for
 RTE's TwoTube / Aug 14, 2012
'Seen all over runways over and over again, sequins are definitely here to stay (hurray!). It’s fantastic news for any girly girl. Sequined items can lift an outfit and they allow for lots of fun with your clothes. They are an obvious choice for a night out (your opportunity to pretend you finally made it to the red carpet)'

As published by the Irish Independent / Jul 6, 2012
'The way we wear' 
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Clip for
 RTE's TwoTube / Feb 28, 2012
My take on the androgynous trend
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Article for
 RTE's TwoTube / Jan 25, 2012
Every year it becomes more difficult to pick one trend which will get you through the season. With more and more amazing styles coming up, it’s not easy to stay stylish without breaking the bank.

Clip for
RTE's TwoTube / Dec 26, 2011
My take on the 70s style
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