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At the beginning of 2011 when thinking of my New Year resolutions, I have decided to do something a bit more fun than trying to join a gym (I still wouldn't go) or planning something similar, as much impossible. I came up with (what was supposed to be) a simple idea of visiting 12 countries is those 12 months of  New Year 2011. See below at (so far) 'my 12 month journey of a lifetime' :)

# 12 -> Berlin, Germany

It was still November when I fulfilled my plan for this year and visited the 12th country in only 12 (well actually 11) months.

Summing up the whole experience; well, it was great, I really enjoyed all the travelling and I think it may be tough to sit at home on my arse next year ;)

#11 -> Chiang Mai, Thailand

As promised, something on the next part of my trip - Chiang Mai.This is the third year in a row when I'm in Thailand and although I keep on saying I must go somewhere else next year, leaving here today already makes me wonder how soon I'll be able to come back...
Thailand for me is simply heaven on earth; perfect weather, the nicest people in the world, great food,                          cheap bags, I mean you can't complain.

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In case you all think I'm gone for good, well, I'm certainly not!

I'm really enjoying my time off and what's with all the bad weather in Dublin, it seems like I went at the right time too. I won't be trying to be mean and put up pictures of blue skies and clear water (maybe later;) but I'll share a few snaps from the first stop on my trip - Mumbai.

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# 9 -> Edinburgh, Scotland

If I was to describe Edinburgh in just two words I would say... omnipresent tartan.

I've personally become quite fond of tartan and with heritage being one of the key trends this season, I was looking forward to see some cosy yet stylish outfits that would incorporate such characteristic, national pattern.

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# 8 -> Brussels, Belgium

I was warned several times that I'm heading for the most boring place in Europe, however, on Friday morning I have landed in a 'chips and chocolate heaven' (& beer but I'm personally not a fan).

Yep, I'm keeping busy and just made it to 7 countries in 6 months! I'm hoping the rest of June & July to have a chance to catch a breath as it's definitely quite tiring at times... Not that I'm complaining, I'm beginning to wonder what will I do next year with all that time and money on my hands huh? ;)

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Yeah I keep on trying and I keep on going to meet my target :) I'm beginning to realise though, how hard, really, it's going to get to reach the magic 12 in 12 months... but let's focus on Pisa for now ;)

I sang my praise to Italy here before. I really think that deep down I'm either Italian or Spanish (or just a real foodie). As always, Italy more than fulfilled my expectations.

Some would say that this is a little bit of a cheater. Ok, so it was a business trip BUT it was not just a few hours in and out sort of thing. 3 full days in London city must count as a 4th country, right? (I'm ahead of the schedule!) Although the only thing I purchased was Vogue (tear) I can't really complain as 2 colleagues who travelled with me were both female and more than understanding of my shopping habits and needs, and agreed to be dragged along to Westfield after a long looong day and even longer day before and patiently waited when I hit the shops (they're real stars!).

3rd month of 2011, I'm still sticking to my plan and I have a 3rd country on my list - Holland.

Instead of getting drunk and going green since Wed (as much fun as that sounds) I took off to the colourful country full of tulips, windmills and amazing architecture. Unfortunately the Irish weather has followed me even there but I still managed to enjoy the break. This was my second time around in Holland and again, their creativeness expressed in interiors of houses, shops, cafes has completely astonished me. Every smallest detail seems to be there for a reason and I could simply walk through the streets of their little towns, look around and be happy.

I know it's already the end of February and nobody remembers anymore that they've made some resolutions but I'm trying to stick to my plan.

I went to Madrid with my sis and had a brilliant time! It was high time for the two of us to head somewhere together!

Here, very shortly and straight to the point, Madrid's highlights:

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 # 1 -> Oslo/Norway 

I'm not sure how did that happen but it's the end of January and I still haven't mentioned my one and only New Year's resolution... it might be actually more suitable to call it a plan since it doesn't involve dieting, fasting and all those things we usually 'commit' to at the beginning of a New Year.

12 months 12 countires, that's the plan.

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